I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, September 30

Roses Still Bloom

Visited the rose gardens cared for by the local Master Gardeners
and found gorgeous roses still blooming.
Made my heart sing.

Thursday, September 29

Lake Sacajawea

 Autumn colors are just starting to show
at Lake Sacajawea, a local in-town lake
that is loved by all.

Wednesday, September 28

Just Hanging Around

Crisp autumn leaves
on a crisp autumn day...
  perfect for a walk around the wetlands!

Tuesday, September 27

Quiet Stillness of an Ancient Rain Forest

Few words can describe
the beauty of nature.

Monday, September 26

Fast Moving

  While waiting at a railroad crossing I quick grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics.
For a bit more interest I shot and processed the image in high contrast.
Something different.
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Saturday, September 24

Enchanted Forest

~ Where the forest fairies dwell.

Friday, September 23

Autumn Leaves

in the gentle breeze.

Thursday, September 22

Shadow Play

Light and Shadow
on a warm September morn.  

Tuesday, September 20

Heading In

As a storm was brewing.

Monday, September 19

Ripples of Gold

The afternoon light 
 playing upon the waters     
 of a mountain stream.

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Sunday, September 18

Trails End

Deep in the forest green...
one of my happy places!

Saturday, September 17

Friday, September 16

Colors of Autumn

I'm not one with words, they don't come easy to me.  Photography is my voice, the way I can convey my thoughts and feelings. I'm a bit of a hermit.
 But I want to say thank you, for following my work, my progress. For your encouragement and for your friendship. 
It means so very much to me.

Thursday, September 15


 With only the sounds
of a trickling stream.

Wednesday, September 14


...and summer's
but a fleeting memory.

Tuesday, September 13

Silent Stillness

The wetlands 
reflecting the last few signs
of summer.

Monday, September 12

Hues of Gold

The late afternoon sun
 gave sparkle... 
in hues of gold.

Saturday, September 10

Remnants of Summer

With Autumn comes new beauty.
Have a glorious weekend!

Friday, September 9

Late Bloomers

Up near Mt St Helens we spotted these little pretties just blooming away.

Thursday, September 8

Only the Lonely

This little berry was the only one left on the bush.
It looked rather lonely.

Wednesday, September 7

Tuesday, September 6

Leaning Towers of Birch

Stumbled upon this beautiful birch forest
where almost every tree was leaning
this way or that.

Monday, September 5

Quiet Waters

A peaceful place
to sit and wonder...

Sunday, September 4


 Leaves are taking flight..
and landing everywhere.
Autumn is in the air.

Saturday, September 3


As I stood there I could faintly hear
tales of bygone days 
in the whispering wind.

Friday, September 2

Play Day

I think that human is taking our picture.
Oh! Is my beak on straight, how do my feathers look?
You're as beautiful as you always are, Martha.
Oh George, you say the sweetest things.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 1

End of Day

A quiet  peaceful
time of day.
Happy September!