I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, March 31

A Forest Treasure

so delicate and so dreamy 
deep in the forest
where the Tree Sprites play

Wednesday, March 30

Tuesday, March 29

In the Shadows

Wandering the Wetlands
Chasing the Light

Monday, March 28

Life Anew

It's the simple things in life
that bring the most joy

Sunday, March 27

Petal Soft

Like a warm embrace
filled with
and kindness

Saturday, March 26

Happy Easter Dear Friends

May your Easter be filled with
Love and Light

Friday, March 25

Color Me Yellow Bright

 Spreading happiness
wherever they may bloom

Thursday, March 24

Last Light

Once in a rare while
I get to experience
Nature's perfection

Mt St Helens
from the wetlands

Wednesday, March 23


I'm drawn to softness
it soothes the senses
soothes the soul

For Brussels

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Tuesday, March 22

Spring Charmer

Pussy Willows

Monday, March 21


Earth Sky and Water
joining as one

Sunday, March 20

Welcoming in Spring

That wonderful something
fills the air
and our hearts

Saturday, March 19


The purity of nature
and the simplicity of

Friday, March 18

Early Arrivals

The many colors of Spring
Delights the eye
and soothes the soul

Thursday, March 17

Freshly Fallen Snow

Spring is blooming in the lowlands
but winter still has hold
of the Cascades

Wednesday, March 16

Quiet Time

A perfectly perfect day
for a paddle around the pond

Tuesday, March 15

Nature Made

Designs and patterns
of dried grasses
tall and slender
in the fields

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Monday, March 14

A Single Drop of Rain

 On the edge of a petal
a single raindrop sits
of nature and beauty

Sunday, March 13

Enjoying a Little Sunshine

The rains ended
the clouds parted
giving way to the sun
Making this sweet little Camellia
and me

Saturday, March 12

Tulip Time

Very shortly
these lovelies will grace us
with their presence

Friday, March 11

Happy Daffodils

Full of hope and promise
the Daffodil
arrives early
to welcome Spring

Thursday, March 10

Alone Together

On the open plains 

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Wednesday, March 9

Mellow Yellow

Fresh and newly emerging
at the wetlands
Beautiful to see
but not so friendly to the nose
It's called skunk cabbage
and for good reason

Tuesday, March 8

Raindrops Keep Falling

The sun emerges
from behind dark clouds
then just as quickly
scurries away

Monday, March 7

Branches Filled with Blossoms

An abundance of
beautiful bright blossoms
Like little beacons of white
they can illuminate the night

Sunday, March 6

Subtle Signs of Spring

I awoke this morning
to find a wee bit of Spring
had arrived overnight
Happy Dance

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Saturday, March 5

In the Key of C

Silent now
it sits
but in its day it made
such beautiful music
that can still be heard
If we but close our eyes
and open our minds

Friday, March 4

Over On the East Side

Just east of the
Columbia River Gorge
the landscape changes dramatically
showing off its own unique beauty
Taken from the Washington side
of the Columbia River
looking west

Thursday, March 3

Peeking Through

When there's even the slightest break
in our cloudy rainy weather
and blue skies actually appear
We do our happy dance
Mt St Helens

Wednesday, March 2

Stormy Weather

Between downpours
weather gear needed
Coldwater Lake

Tuesday, March 1

Winter Gold

Hues of amber and gold
wash over the landscape
as day slowly gives way
to night