I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, May 31

Country Roads

Even in the rain
I love country drives

Thursday, May 30

Wild Roses

They flourish in our woodlands
along our country roads
just about anywhere 

Wednesday, May 29


This old brick building
has seen many changes
Now it sits dormant
sealed and forgotten

Monday, May 27

In Memory of

my brother Barry
who gave his life
Vietnam 1969
and for all who have fallen
Lest We Forget

Sunday, May 26

Saturday, May 25

Friday, May 24

Delightful Discovery

Discovered this little sweetie
deep in the woodlands
all by its lonesome
But it seemed happy
catching a ray of sunlight
every now and then

Thursday, May 23

Lilies and their Pads

Enjoying what sunshine
they can find

Wednesday, May 22

Playing With Light

Let it shine through
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Tuesday, May 21

Rooms to Let


Monday, May 20

Raindrops on Rhodys

Hope your week is off to a good start

Saturday, May 18

Mt St Helens.. 33 Years Later

Thirty-three years ago
on May 18, 1980
Mt St Helens violently erupted
Today the mountain is quiet
but doesn't sleep
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Friday, May 17

Hummingbird Sports Bar

The little hummers love
this trumpet wildflower
Blooming profusely
in our woodlands
My Random 5 for Friday:
1) My seriously unruly curly hair
nearly got cut off. Sweet hubby said he liked my mop
so I walked away from the scissors
for now...
2) I love my coffee freshly ground
hot black and strong
3) I use a whole bean mix of
  French vanilla, hazelnut cream and double chocolate
4) As I grabbed my towel 
a gigantic huge monster spider
ran out and off across the bathroom floor
5) I seriously freaked out
so much so I swallowed my mouthwash
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Thursday, May 16

Flowers That Had Their Day

make way
for flowers anew
that come in May

Wednesday, May 15

Happy Little Lily Pond

at the wetlands
overflowing with life

Tuesday, May 14

Trillium... Pretty in Pink

Somewhat hard to find around here
 this little pink Trillium was  
  a delightful surprise
and a treat for the eyes

Monday, May 13

Lily Pad Jamboree

The dance floor
was a bit crowded

Sunday, May 12

Mother's Day Wishes

to moms
near and far
living or not
you are in our hearts
and will be loved

Saturday, May 11

Passionately Purple

  Rhody season 
is in full bloom
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Friday, May 10

Gone Fishin'

Late afternoon
at the lake

Thursday, May 9

In a Sea of Color

In the midst
of many blossoms and blooms
this little guy looked forlorn and lonely
So I clicked his pic
and I do believe I spied
a (wind assisted) nod

Wednesday, May 8


When native trees sprout up
we usually let them grow
This is one of them
and it has the most beautiful 
Springtime flowers

Tuesday, May 7


Where dreams
  sprout wings

Monday, May 6

Clean White and Softly Bright

There's nothing
quite like
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Sunday, May 5

Saturday, May 4

Friday, May 3

Away From the Things of Man

Seaquest State Park
My Random Five for Friday
1) My happy place is deep in the forest
away from the things of man
which is where I was today
2) Of course always with my trusty Canon 7d
3) I usually go to the state park or the wetlands
both just a few miles from home
Today I wandered the state park.. had it all to myself
4) I always carry water.. and pepper spray
in case I meet up with a bear
5) I've yet to encounter Sasquatch
though I've heard many a local tale
I think it'd be neat to see Big Foot
roaming the hills and dale
Happy Friday!
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Thursday, May 2

Wednesday, May 1

Wild Thing

Tiny and so delicate
growing in the far regions
of our jungled yard