I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, March 31

Easter Joy

Happy Easter
my dear friends

Friday, March 30

Thursday, March 29

Mountain Air

The morning fog was slowly lifting
allowing the sun
to find its way through

Wednesday, March 28


As if to glide
they leave but a ripple
as they paddle by

Tuesday, March 27

Peaceful Easy Feeling

gentle joy
they whispered to me

Monday, March 26

Enchanted Forest

Leaning stretching
determined to see
their reflections

Sunday, March 25

Chasing Dreams

Chasing the moon
well trying to ...
With Bill's wonderful help
I've been moving my antiques store
Just down and around the corner
but one humongous effort

Saturday, March 24

Flying Home

Against a sunset sky
Washington Coast

Friday, March 23

Hints of Spring

We had a day or two
of Spring
Tonight they say it may

Thursday, March 22

In a Blue Mist

High in the foothills
at the edge of the forest
where the road ends

Wednesday, March 21

Wetland Wonders

Lily Pads
bring a splash of color
to the wetlands
in transition

Tuesday, March 20

Spring is Here

Though Mother Nature
may not be fully cooperating
Spring has arrived

Monday, March 19

Sunday, March 18

Saturday, March 17

Of Yesterday and Tomorrow

Still clinging to
not quite ready to
continue their journey through

Friday, March 16

Thursday, March 15


On the other side of dusk
there is dawn

Wednesday, March 14

Twilight Time

As the sun sets in the western skies
fog often forms
at the wetlands

Tuesday, March 13

Signs of Spring

In a rainbow
of softness

Monday, March 12

Sunday, March 11

Spring is in the Air

Any day now
trees will be
leafing out

Saturday, March 10

Fly Me to the Moon

Let me dance
among the stars

Friday, March 9

Blue on Blue

floating by
at the lake

Thursday, March 8

Trees Are Life

They give life
they shelter life
they save life
Life is a tree
their guardians
we must be
And we must be
like a tree

Wednesday, March 7

Fairy Light

As the morning light
filtered through the trees
fairies and tree sprites
came out to play

Tuesday, March 6

Monday, March 5

Springtime Dreaming

It's in the air
yet not quite here

Sunday, March 4

Saturday, March 3

Friday, March 2

Calm Waters

A quiet inlet
still cloaked in winter
Along the Columbia River

Thursday, March 1

Morning Has Broken

Gorgeous morning light
streaming through
our quirky 1925 windows