I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, August 31

Hints of Change

Days shorten
Summer recedes
With hints of Autumn
Sprinkled in the trees

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Sunday, August 30

The Heavens Opened and it Rained

A steady glorious rain!
Though it won't end our drought
or douse our many wildfires
it's a start!

Saturday, August 29


 There's something about
a daisy
that brings purity to mind 

Friday, August 28


Clouds drifting by
like feathers
in the sky  

Thursday, August 27

Passing By

I look up and
for one brief moment
I see
a forever friend
I may never get to meet
On a train
passing by

Wednesday, August 26

Chasing the Light

Late afternoon light is greeting us earlier
with each passing day
  Mt St Helens
was quickly falling into shadow

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Tuesday, August 25

Petal Gone Blue Metal

A rose petal
that wanted to be
whatever it wanted
to be

Monday, August 24

The Daylily

In all its glory
it shines
Standing proud
it lives
For one beautiful
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Sunday, August 23

Age Old

Gated fields that once were
now sit quietly
in retirement

Saturday, August 22

On Angel's Wings

My heart is heavy with sorrow
Major wildfires are raging out of control
throughout Oregon and Washington State
Homes have been destroyed
Lives have been lost
with no end in sight
We are in dire need
of a miracle

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Friday, August 21

On a Quiet Morn

I watched
as the ripples and swirls
overcame the calm
in the morning light
of a new day's dawn

Thursday, August 20

Lazy Days of Summer

A blanket to spread
a book to read
and a bit of shade 
A perfect way to spend 
an afternoon

Wednesday, August 19

August Roses

Our shaggy little rosebush
bursting with new blooms

Tuesday, August 18

Petals of Yellow

More often than not
  beauty will hide
on the inside

Monday, August 17

On the Edge

Mt St Helens 
Her many moods
and faces

Sunday, August 16

Walking the Shoreline

The shoreline of volcano made
Coldwater Lake
always intrigues me
Among the rocks and drifts of wood
little  treasures of man can sometimes be found
Yesterday I found a timeworn

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Saturday, August 15

Roses of Red

In a rose garden 
filled to overflowing
I saw no other

Friday, August 14

Sun Bathers

They stretch and bend
to follow the sun
across the skies

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Thursday, August 13

Wednesday, August 12

Enjoying the Sunshine

Wandering the shores
of Coldwater Lake
just below Mt St Helens

Tuesday, August 11

The Scent of Softness

Softness of heart
is love
caring and kindness

Monday, August 10

Taking Flight

I love watching 
those little fluffs of white
dance in the summer breeze

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Sunday, August 9

Shadow Play

The late afternoon sun
danced with the clouds
at the still healing blast zone
of Mt St Helens

Saturday, August 8

Vibrant Color Palette

Nature colors wildflowers
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Friday, August 7

Volcanic Creations

The desolate beauty
of the pumice plain
below Mt St Helens

Thursday, August 6


In the still waters
of Silver Lake

Wednesday, August 5

Into the Woods

The sights
the sounds
the smells
Total bliss 
and my favorite place

Tuesday, August 4

Rugged Ragged and Raw

The walls of the crater
have a beauty all their own
Mt St Helens

Monday, August 3

Chasing Trains

Immense power
that blows my hat off
  A screaming loud whistle 
that blows my ears off
I love trains!

Sunday, August 2

August Daze

Lazy hot 
sunny days 
seeking out shade
and lemonade

Saturday, August 1

Light and Sunny Bright

Sun filled
and all aglow 
for this
first day of August