I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, April 30


make me smile

Monday, April 29

One Little Lily

in a sea of lily pads
 Anyone for hopscotch?

Sunday, April 28

Saturday, April 27

Riotous Red Rhody

When rhody 
is full of bloom
sunglasses are needed
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Friday, April 26

Plum Pretty

Plum blossoms
 on our little plum tree

Thursday, April 25

Taking Their Time

The leisurely ones
who leaf out

Wednesday, April 24

All Decked Out

 Wearing a lovely hat of moss
in the company of faithful ferns
this little trail marker
 celebrates Spring
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Tuesday, April 23

Room Dividers

Nature's mysterious 
dividing lines.. Creating forest rooms
Some light and full of life
Some deep and dark where little grows
all magnificently beautiful

Monday, April 22

Very Mellow Yellow

Found these beauties at the lake
I don't see yellow Rhodys very often
Do you?
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Sunday, April 21


Watching the trees
leaf out

Saturday, April 20

Pink Serenity

Happy Weekend
May yours be beautiful
and serene

Friday, April 19

Thursday, April 18

Evening Paddle About

 Spring run-off
makes wonderful
temporary ponds
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Wednesday, April 17

Wildflower Afternoon

Fresh and clean and new
trillium and other wildflowers
  carpet the forest floor
making me smile
ear to ear

Tuesday, April 16


My heart is hurting
my mind unable to grasp
these senseless acts of violence
 My thoughts and prayers 
for the many victims

Monday, April 15

The Foothills

Nearby hills
waking up
..and then some

Sunday, April 14

Bright White

I love white flowers
so bright and clean
and pure
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Saturday, April 13

Leafing Out

signs of Spring
Hope you have
a beautiful weekend

Friday, April 12


 falling from the sky

Thursday, April 11

Still Winter at Coldwater Lake

It's still very much winter
in the Cascade Range

Wednesday, April 10

Tulip Time

These lovelies
don't seem to mind
our unseasonably chilly
and very wet
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Tuesday, April 9

Old Barns Old Homesteads

There are so many
never looked
never saw
now I do
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Monday, April 8

Sunday, April 7

Hidden Falls

Beautiful exuberant waterfall
deep in the forest
This is as close as I could get

Saturday, April 6

Rhody Riot

 They last for such a short time
making them extra special
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Friday, April 5

Calm Waters

Have a
swimmingly wonderful

Thursday, April 4

Like Feathers in the Wind

we are here
but for a moment
in time

Wednesday, April 3

Hiding Places

magical mystical
mysterious places
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Tuesday, April 2


We have an overgrown Camellia bush out our front door
the porch light illuminates the blooms
making them glow screaming red
I took this around midnight.. I'm nocturnal
through the screen door
ISO 800, f/8, at 1/80th
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Monday, April 1