I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, May 31

Silver Lake

Adjacent to the wetlands
Have a beautiful weekend
my dear friends

Friday, May 30

Of Yesterday

The many shapes
of rust

Thursday, May 29

Pretty Pastels

from the wilds
of our wild

Wednesday, May 28

Walking the Wetlands

Blooms everywhere
Oh I love Spring
Swallows vigilantly guarding their
under the boardwalk nest
The wetlands

Tuesday, May 27

A Quiet Place

Makings for
a quiet reflective day

Monday, May 26

You are the Wind Beneath My Wings

For my brother Barry
Lest We Forget
all who are and have served
our country

Sunday, May 25

A Walk in the Park


  along the way

Saturday, May 24

Rain Bedraggled

yet still so lovely
Sharing with Floral Love

Friday, May 23

A Hint of Pink

  so pure and perfect
for one brief moment in time

Thursday, May 22

Sunset Over the Pacific

 The sun had just disappeared
from the horizon
here in Washington State

Wednesday, May 21

A Riot of Rhodies

These native lovelies
I spied in a meadow
deep in the woodlands
Sharing with Floral Love

Tuesday, May 20

Designed by Rust

has a beauty
all its own

Monday, May 19

Dainty Delights

Demure yet
very determined 
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, May 18

In the Clouds

Mt St Helens
in a cover
of clouds
Thirty-four years ago today
Mt St Helens violently erupted
devastating the region

Saturday, May 17

Under the Arch

The trail goes under this
beautiful arch
One of my favorite places

Friday, May 16

She Wore Wild Roses in Her Hair

Memories of old
that never fade

Thursday, May 15

Lonely Little Marker

Once upon a time
these colorful markers
identified plant life along a forest trail
Now they sit mostly hidden
covered in moss

Wednesday, May 14

Above and Below

Forest greens
with a splash of violet

Tuesday, May 13

Rhodies are Blooming

The Pacific Northwest
is bursting with colorful

Monday, May 12

In the Company of Ferns

Being a rainforest
ferns grow 
  with wild abandonment
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, May 11


If doors could talk
what tales be told
Of shelter offered
the wet and the cold
to weary travelers
both young and old

Saturday, May 10

Friday, May 9

Sweet Columbine

We've reverted our far garden
giving it back to nature
Wildflowers have found
a new home

Thursday, May 8

So Many Raindrops

falling from the sky
oh my

Wednesday, May 7

On the Vine

Blossoming beauties 
 the grapevines

Tuesday, May 6

Monday, May 5

Where Magic is Made

Sit quietly
and you may see
fairies and sprites
amongst the trees

Sunday, May 4

White Delights

Among the many blues
  a few white
Lily of the Valley

Saturday, May 3

Pondering the Wandering

As this mass of power
rumbled by
I noticed the last car's door
partly open
and for one brief moment
  my mind's eye
rode the rails

Friday, May 2

Simple Pleasures

From the Divine
are simply