I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, October 31

Monday, October 30


Fuzzy little seed pods
seem to be
what I seek to see

Sunday, October 29

Late Afternoon Light

Nearing sunset
everything glowed
with Autumn light
On the dry side of the Cascades

Saturday, October 28

Friday, October 27

Tall Grass Crunchy Leaves

I always enjoy walking  the woodlands
on the dry east side of the Cascades
Especially in Autumn

Thursday, October 26

Along the Columbia River

East of the
Columbia River Gorge
where the land opens
to spectacular vistas

Wednesday, October 25

Low Tide

Along the marshes near the coast
watching tides ebb and flow

Tuesday, October 24

Ode to a Sunflower

You could brighten a rainy day
with a charm all your own

Monday, October 23

Of Summer to Fall

Little memories
of yesterday
With dreams of

Sunday, October 22

A Sprinkling of Fall

When colors pop
even if only for
one brief moment
in time

Saturday, October 21

Waiting Silently

In silence it waits

Friday, October 20

Wide Open Beauty

The vast expanse of openness
just east of the Cascade Range
is profoundly different
from the wet west side
With a beauty
all its own

Thursday, October 19

Autumn Attire

A little Autumn color
brightening the dry east side
of the Cascade Range

Wednesday, October 18


On the tides
of time

Tuesday, October 17

Monday, October 16

Autumn Color

Hints of Autumn
at a nearby creek

Sunday, October 15

Into the Past

Old homestead
frozen in time

Saturday, October 14


I love watching those gone to seed
bits of fluff
as they fly off to wander

Friday, October 13

Changing Times

As with the whole of life
nothing stays the same

Thursday, October 12

Of Olden Days

When their usefulness
just wasn't

Wednesday, October 11

Happy Trails

Wandering our woodlands
heavy with green

Tuesday, October 10


Sometimes what's underneath
is just as beautiful

Monday, October 9

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

It's a beautiful day
in the neighborhood
Meet Ben Hur
our distinguished neighbor

Sunday, October 8


Lenticular Clouds
Sets my imagination
free and wild

Saturday, October 7


Where endless sky
meets endless sea
A place to embrace

Friday, October 6


The Beautiful and Graceful
nearly motionless
it flew away

Thursday, October 5

Full Moon Rising

The moon was just rising
as we were leaving
Mt St Helens

Wednesday, October 4

A Splash of Autumn

Wandering a river bank
one lone leaf of Autumn
stood out like a beacon

Tuesday, October 3

In Memory

My heart truly hurts
for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting
I don't understand
this hatred and violence

Monday, October 2

Shelter From the Rain

are so lush and green
and often
so very wet

Sunday, October 1

For Every Season

Gone from the rich greens of summer
to the golden browns of fall