I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, February 29

Dancing Waters

A bit of how-to stuff ~
Three shot RAW (-2 0 +2 ) for HDR
Hand-held ( location was tripod unfriendly )
Workflow : Photomatix
Photoshop Elements 9 and Topaz Adjust
for a light tweaking ~
Have a great Wednesday !

Tuesday, February 28

Ladder to No-Where

Can you spot that crazy ladder?
I shot this Monday
along the Columbia River
Washington side
(The trees at far right are in Oregon)

Monday, February 27

Watching the World Go By

To sit and dream 
on a Sunday afternoon ~

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Sunday, February 26


Gifts from God ~

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Saturday, February 25

On a Clear Day ~

Mt St Helens
as viewed from the wetlands walk
Have a beautiful weekend ~

Friday, February 24

Windows of Our Mind

I gently peer
through time-worn windows
and wonder of the past ~

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Thursday, February 23

Walking the Wetlands

The sun tried to come out today
but had little success
Still it was a nice day for a walk

Wednesday, February 22

Deep in the Forest ~

Where Wood Sprites
dance and prance
and sing ~

Tuesday, February 21

Beauty Still Reigns

A once lush rain forest
fell victim to a fierce storm
But with time
Mother Nature will make it whole again

Monday, February 20

Into the Snowy Mist

Every day is someone's birthday
and today
it's mine ~

Sunday, February 19

Of Blues and Whites

and wonder ~

Along Spirit Lake Hwy
near Mt St Helens

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Saturday, February 18

Friday, February 17

Thursday, February 16

Snow in the Mountains

The weather was closing in
  within minutes I was engulfed
in a magnificent snowstorm ~

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Wednesday, February 15

A Late Afternoon Paddle-About

The Canadian Geese have arrived
at the wetlands
A bit late this year but as always
a wonderful sight to see ~

Tuesday, February 14


Softness and light
Happy Valentine's Day ~

Monday, February 13


  Reaching toward the heavens
with beauty and strength

Sunday, February 12

St Francis Mission

On the open prairies just north of us
is this beautiful mission
St Francis Xavier
established in 1838
Have a wonderful Sunday !

Saturday, February 11

Of Yesterday

This old one room schoolhouse sits quietly in the countryside
From chalkboards to school desks to artwork on the walls
so much remains intact
Like everyone just upped and left
When I discover these abandoned treasures   
I take only photos
and leave everything as I found it

Friday, February 10

Remainders of the Day

In 1980 Mt St Helens erupted with such force
it devastated over 150 square miles
of pristine forest in just 6 minutes
The total energy output was equivalent to
400 million tons of TNT
This fascinating casualty of that day
sits precariously on the bank of Coldwater Lake
which was born of the volcano
I live in the valley below Mt St Helens
here in Washington State

Thursday, February 9

Tiny Signs of Spring

The Pussy Willows are slowly waking up
I dream of Spring

Wednesday, February 8

Lofty Escapades

I can't help myself
I just have to explore
nooks and crannies
high and low

Tuesday, February 7

To Pause and Reflect

Spiritually calm
 otherworldly quiet
One cannot but 
 pause and reflect
Coldwater Lake
Washington State

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Monday, February 6

Fly Like An Eagle

Into the future ~

The Magnificent Bald Eagle

Sunday, February 5


Find a little time
to daydream

Saturday, February 4

A Walk in the Park

Hope you have a happy weekend ~

Friday, February 3

' Tis the Moon I See ~

and the weekend on yonder horizon ~

Thursday, February 2

A Parting Gift ~

Heading home I turned to see
the clouds had parted
revealing Mt St Helens and
the Toutle Valley below ~