I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, April 30

Send Reality Chasing the Wind

And let your imagination be
as wild as the wind
and as brilliant
as the stars above

Saturday, April 29

Filled with Sunshine

Some flowers
make their own sunshine

Friday, April 28

Thursday, April 27

I Can Hear Its Song

Old tired and worn yet
in the far reaches of my mind
I can still hear
its sweet song

Wednesday, April 26

Seeking the Sun

always makes me smile

Tuesday, April 25

Along the Columbia River

The quiet hills of Eastern Washington
Where open land stretches for miles
Where one might see forever

Monday, April 24

Visiting the Past

I love old barns
I listen to the winds
as they whisper through
telling their life long stories

Sunday, April 23

Sights of Spring

Leafing out
growing in leaps and bounds
right in front of our eyes
The beautiful sights of Spring

Saturday, April 22

Celebrating Earth Day

A day to get out and enjoy
all Mother Nature has to offer
and thank her for all the beauty
that surrounds us

Friday, April 21

Through Misty Light

 Spring run-off turned our little local falls
into a spectacle of beauty

Thursday, April 20

A Sky of Clouds

A cover of clouds
along the Columbia River
Washington side with the
Cascades looming in the west

Wednesday, April 19

The Feather

It floated as it flew
round bend and bark
this feather elusive I chase
in the stillness after dark

Tuesday, April 18

Pixie Palaces

Petals to slide down
places to hide
scents to get lost in
when the wind turns the tide

Monday, April 17

Rugged Beauty

Along the Columbia River
Looking west is Mt Hood standing tall
The terrain changes dramatically
east of the Cascades
no trees

Sunday, April 16

Easter Love

May you feel
the love
of Easter

Saturday, April 15

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
to all my dear friends

Friday, April 14

From a Distance

The world can sometimes seem
just out of reach
as if gazing through
a looking glass

Thursday, April 13

The Magnificence of Nature

A storm brewing over the Pacific
just beyond the horizon
was beginning to anger the seas

Wednesday, April 12

Play it Again

In the silence can be heard
flowing through
from the misty shadows
of the past

Tuesday, April 11

In the Garden

Between hail storms
and power stealing wind gusts
flowers bloom

Monday, April 10

Wandering the Back Forty

So much is popping up
branching out
and blooming
a true delight

Sunday, April 9


For a quiet peaceful
Palm Sunday

Saturday, April 8

Tulip Time

Always an enjoyable sight
to see

Friday, April 7

Catching the Light

Our camellias
in afternoon light

Thursday, April 6

Daffodil Time

Bright as a new day
they can't help but bring
sunshine and smiles

Wednesday, April 5

Of Yesterday

Little shack
that does no more
as time and the elements
slowly fade it away

Tuesday, April 4

April Showers

Watching a shower
as it grows
in power

Monday, April 3

Island in the Sky

Soft as the sky is
deep as the ocean

Sunday, April 2

Springtime Bold and Bright

Splashes of brightness
adorn fields
front yards
and little corner parks
Early bloomers
welcoming Spring

Saturday, April 1

In Quiet Waters

Reeds of yesterday
reflecting in afternoon light