I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, February 29

Friday, February 28

Thursday, February 27

Light and Texture

Late afternoon light
made the ordinary

Wednesday, February 26

Lazy River

The changing hues of blue
at sunset

Tuesday, February 25

In the Pacific Northwest

A day filled with sunshine
is a day
worth rejoicing

Monday, February 24

Sunday, February 23

Flyby at Sunset

I turned and saw
in silent awe

Saturday, February 22

Friday, February 21

Gone Fishing

Brother and Sister
were focused
on fishing

Thursday, February 20

Wednesday, February 19

Tuesday, February 18

Golden Glow

As the evening approaches
colors bloom

Monday, February 17


To the land

Sunday, February 16

Misty Mountain

Peering into the Crater
Mt St Helens

Saturday, February 15

Looking in to the Outside

Playing on a rare day
of clear blue skies

Friday, February 14

Across the Lake

a simple sunset
can take my breath away

Thursday, February 13

Emerging from the Clouds

The elusive
Mt St Helens
my favorite mountain

Wednesday, February 12

The Forgotten

A dark and gloomy day
seemed to compliment
this poor old forgotten shack

Tuesday, February 11

Of Another World

dwarfed the imagination
at the wetlands

Monday, February 10

Winter's Embrace

The Wetlands
Deep in Winter

Sunday, February 9

A Winter Walk

It was chilly and wet
from recent rains
but oh so peacefully beautiful

Saturday, February 8

Falling Waters

Chasing Waterfalls
The perfect remedy
for these sun elusive
rain washed days

Friday, February 7

Frozen to Infinity

A moment most worthy of
my cold nose
and toes

Thursday, February 6

A Paddle Around the Pond

The perfect time
for a paddle

Wednesday, February 5

Tuesday, February 4

Monday, February 3

Where Ferns Grow

Everywhere in the Rainforest
and in abundance

Sunday, February 2

The Rains Delight

Our sleepy little waterfall
has rarely looked so ferociously

Saturday, February 1

Between the Rains

Every once in a while
the rains pause
to grant us a sunset