I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, February 28

Mirror Image

sets the mind free

Friday, February 27

On the Edge

Winding narrow paths
that suddenly end
in a forest dense
with slender trees reaching 
 high in search of sunlight

Thursday, February 26

Quiet Moments

along the
Columbia River

Wednesday, February 25

Tuesday, February 24


fresh and new
glistening with color
in the afternoon light

Monday, February 23

The Smelt are Running

Busy seagulls enjoying a good smelt run
near an old forgotten barge
along the Columbia River

Sunday, February 22

Peaceful Living

How does one convince another
 there is just peace and love
in our hearts

Saturday, February 21

Whispering Winds

Wandering through
in search 
of Spring

Friday, February 20

Watching the Birds Fly By

On the banks of the Columbia River
with Mt St Helens standing tall and proud

Thursday, February 19


The Crocus
are blooming
Signs of
an early Spring

Wednesday, February 18


Late afternoon sun
low in the sky
this happy seagull
 flying high

Tuesday, February 17


And dreaming
of Spring

Monday, February 16

Deep Within

Between these rugged walls
lies Mt St Helen's crater

Sunday, February 15


At the bottom of the falls
where pools form
and trees come to rest

Saturday, February 14

Dreaming of Sunshine and Roses

Happy Valentine's Day
May it be filled with
love and beauty
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Friday, February 13


Brightly lighting
the midnight sky

Thursday, February 12

Crossing the Columbia

Fog envelops
the Oregon to Washington
Astoria Bridge
as it so often does

Wednesday, February 11

Long Shadows

As shadows grow deep
Mt Adams glows
in the late day sun

Tuesday, February 10

Covered in Green

Moss of emerald green
will cling
to the north side
of most everything

Monday, February 9

A Gentle Touch

Deep in the forest
under a canopy of green
there lies
  a world of wonder

Sunday, February 8

Fading Light

Mt St Helens
in its last tiny bit
of afterglow

Saturday, February 7

It Calls to Me

it holds mysteries
 hides the unknown
alluring us in

Friday, February 6

Thursday, February 5

Misty Morning

Early morning walks
 refresh the soul
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Wednesday, February 4

Pixies at Play

There's a small hollow
where giggles abound
and pixie dust
can always be found

Tuesday, February 3

Lake in the Woods

and totally tranquil

Monday, February 2


A touch of autumn gold
sprinkled among
  the many shades of green

Sunday, February 1

Shrouded in Fog

Fog dominates our days
but that's okay
it's really fun to play in
Sharing with Sweet Shot