I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, November 30

Playing in the Sand Dunes

at the Washington Coast
Sharing with Top Shot

Friday, November 29

Thursday, November 28

Home Sweet Home

No matter who
 what or where
there's no place like home
Happy Thanksgiving... my dear friends

Wednesday, November 27

Morning Sun

The fog slowly lifted
letting the sun shine through
Lake Sacajawea

Tuesday, November 26

Above the Clouds

Yet still on the ground ...
Near Mt St Helens
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Monday, November 25

They Bend and Sway

  And moan in the wind
 Coastal rainforests
magical and mysterious

Sunday, November 24

Low Tide

for beachcombing

Saturday, November 23

Sun Going Down

Sunset over the Pacific
was amazing Friday night
I think the seagulls liked it too

Friday, November 22

Thursday, November 21

Wednesday, November 20

Tuesday, November 19

Let it Snow

Mt St Helens peeking through
with a fresh new
cover of snow
Sharing with Sweet Shot Tuesday

Monday, November 18

Seeing Green

Deep in a Coastal

Sunday, November 17


Several storms are poised to roll in
off the Pacific
I love stormy weather

Saturday, November 16

Gone With the Wind

A strong wind
and all but the stubborn leaves have fallen 
exposing the heavy cover of moss
 draped on nearly all our trees

Friday, November 15

Pixie Playground

If you're real lucky
you might sneak a peek
at giggling pixies
playing hide and go seek

Thursday, November 14

Wednesday, November 13


The Columbia
is a busy river
Madame Butterfly
gliding through

Tuesday, November 12


Sometimes less
is more

Monday, November 11

Sunlit and Snowcapped

The Columbia River
and Mt St Helens
peeking through

Sunday, November 10

Quiet Cove

Along the Oregon Coast

Saturday, November 9

The Gorgeous Gorge

This is one of several 
along the Columbia River Gorge
Since I rarely know where I am
I'm clueless as to which this is
But it was spectacular

Friday, November 8

Ode to Summer

It's nice to look back
and remember
the sweet smells of summer

Thursday, November 7

Morning Light

 The fog slowly lifted
allowing sun to shine through
Totally awesome

Wednesday, November 6

The Captivating Coast

Ever changing
always outstanding
The Oregon Coast 

Tuesday, November 5

Softly Swaying

A small delight
in the late afternoon

Monday, November 4

White River Canyon

Basically in the middle of nowhere
lies White River Canyon and Falls
with ruins from an old mill
A spectacular place 
definitely has
the WOW factor

Sunday, November 3

Flamboyant Fall

So lovely
so short lived
so much to enjoy
soon we'll be saying
  so long

Saturday, November 2

Rainforest Wonders

Stumbled across this stream
and bridge
wandering through
 a rainforest
I love the unexpected

Friday, November 1

The Falling Leaves

Where does the time go