I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, January 31

Sidestepping Raindrops

Took a wonderful winter walk
with hubby

Thursday, January 30

A Sleepy Little Hollow

Where salmon are seen
swimming upstream

Wednesday, January 29


Of long ago
and far from mind

Tuesday, January 28

Snowy Volcano

Mt St Helens
in snow
or in daisies
always leaves me in awe

Monday, January 27

A Break in the Weather

We had a glorious
if not brief
break in our rainy weather
We were elated

Sunday, January 26

Playing with Trains

Hopping puddles
dancing between the rains
playing with trains

Saturday, January 25

Little Falls

Winter rains have energized
this little hillside waterfall

Friday, January 24

Winter Greens

In the Pacific Northwest
it's easy being green

Thursday, January 23

End of a Lovely Day

The fading light
bid us safe journey
as we headed back down
the mountain

Wednesday, January 22

Whispers of Snow

In our valley below
only whispers of snow

Tuesday, January 21

Evening Light

Climbed mountains of plowed snow
to capture Mt St Helens
It was worth the climb
and slide back down

Sunday, January 19

Trimmed with Snow

Leaves withstanding winter
gently touched by snow

Saturday, January 18

The Forest Deep Within

Their branches high
to reach the light
to touch the sky

Friday, January 17


A cold orange sky
with a dash of sun

Wednesday, January 15

Calm on the Columbia

Hues of blue
on the beautiful Columbia River

Tuesday, January 14

Seeds of Tomorrow

from beginning to end

Monday, January 13

Breaking Through the Clouds

The wait was worth it
Mt St Helens
broke through the clouds
only to retreat soon after

Saturday, January 11

Moon Mind Melding

A full moon
the darkened skies

Friday, January 10

Blue Skies

Wandered the wetlands
on a rare blue skies day

Thursday, January 9

Golden Hour Glow

Trees bordering the wetlands
moments before sundown

Wednesday, January 8

Long Ago

Peering into
the long forgotten past

Monday, January 6

Stranger in a Strange Land

Deep in the forest
where fairies play

Sunday, January 5

Reflections of the Day

End of day
at the lake

Saturday, January 4

Quiet Time

Sun down
Fog on the rise

Friday, January 3

Thursday, January 2

Ringing in the New Year

May the New Year
bring hope
and love