I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, April 30

Sweet Spring

The Colors of Spring
Makes My Heart Sing

Sunday, April 29

Garden Arty

Our Lost in the Jungles
Garden Art

Tuesday, April 24

Seeking the Light

In the deep recesses of the forest
even a glimpse of sunlight
makes this trillium shine

Friday, April 20

Raindrops Keep Falling

Fresh new lily pads
at the wetlands

Wednesday, April 18

Sunday, April 15

Purple Love

When these sweeties bloom
my heart sings

Thursday, April 12

A Little Whimsy

I haven't been visiting much of late
I moved my antiques store
which was quite an ordeal
I'm now unboxing and setting up my new place
  consuming much of my days... and nights
My new shop is in a quirky local so I named it
Hole in the Wall
the previous name just didn't transfer well
I hope to return to my more normal routines soon

Wednesday, April 11

Tulip Love

Such a simple flower
that gives so much pleasure

Tuesday, April 10

Ode to a Camellia

Our gardener overzealously pruned
our lovely camellia bush
to the ground
Hopefully it will grow back

Monday, April 9


Spring is being quite
temperamental this year

Sunday, April 8

Tulip Time

Everything's coming up

Saturday, April 7

New Life

fresh and new

Friday, April 6

On a Rainy Day

A lull in the rain
grab camera
race outside
capture a few images
run back in
as the rain returns
Life in the soggy Pacific Northwest

Thursday, April 5

Wednesday, April 4

Land Sea and Sky

On a clear day
you can see forever

Tuesday, April 3

The Beauty of Simplicity

The beauty of
a tulip emerging

Monday, April 2

Early Bloomers

Slightly overgrown
and very unwieldy yet
always first to bloom