I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, June 30


to the beauty of nature
 and let your mind
wander free

Saturday, June 29

Friday, June 28

Wild Things

Nature never ceases
to amaze

Thursday, June 27

Wednesday, June 26

Sometimes We Need to See

 Not how it should be
Seek out
different perspectives

Tuesday, June 25

Psychedelic Lily Pond

Late afternoon
  an eerie sky above
everything kinda went glow-icky

Monday, June 24

The Flamboyant Foxglove

Its little purple flowers
 reaching toward the sun
all except one
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, June 23

Happiness Is

a stroll by the lake
with my sweet hubby 
on a sunny afternoon..
What more could a girl ask for

Saturday, June 22

Summer Solstice

May it bring
hazy lazy days
and better
Sharing with Weekend Flowers

Friday, June 21

On the Other Side of the Mountain

Eastern Oregon
Have a beautiful weekend

Thursday, June 20

A Moment Caught in a Drop of Rain

 One brief moment
when time stands still

Tuesday, June 18


 make me smile
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, June 17

Out on a Limb

I looked at he
as he looked at me
from up in the tree
He suddenly did say..
have a good day
and flew flew away

Sunday, June 16

Happy Father's Day

to dads
dads to be
and dads in loving memory

Saturday, June 15

Friday, June 14

Fronds For Life

Thanks so very much
for all your kind words
surgery went well
now it's healing time

Thursday, June 13

Brush Off the Picnic Table

summer is a comin'
I've been very preoccupied of late
hubby is on his second round of surgery
all will be well.. just takes time

Wednesday, June 12

Laurel Heavy with Bloom

Our Laurel tree
is in full bloom
  its scent though lovely
is somewhat overpowering
It'll knock your socks off

Tuesday, June 11

Monday, June 10

Baby Buds

nestled nicely
Sharing with Nancy's Muse

Sunday, June 9

Daisy Daze

Fields full of daisies
to dazzle and daze
on hazy lazy days
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Saturday, June 8

Smooth Sailing

that is
if I had a boat
 instead I'll sit on shore
and daydream

Friday, June 7

Rose Petals

are popping out
all over

Thursday, June 6

Mirror Image

A flower
a mirror
some shady sunshine
and a whole lot of fun time

Wednesday, June 5

Glorious Foxglove

Tall and regal
it blooms all summer long

Tuesday, June 4


Is what I see
when I see
a white rose

Monday, June 3

Field Trip

There's nothing like
a sunny Sunday drive

Sunday, June 2

This Side of Heaven

Where thoughts can expand
where ideas can unite
where understanding can ensue
where troubles can take flight
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Saturday, June 1

Happy Little Iris

Happy because
it's finally
not raining