I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, November 30

Maple Tree Makings

From seed to tree
 is in the realm
of possibility

Thursday, November 29

Wednesday, November 28

Over and Under

to steal a glimpse
  of those delightfully

Tuesday, November 27

Silhouette of the Past

What remains
has its own
 unique beauty
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Monday, November 26

Blowin' in the Wind

Hope your week 
is off to a great start

Sunday, November 25

Saturday, November 24

Friday, November 23

The Mountain Called

I heard the mountain calling...
Come visit me
and see my new blanket
of freshly fallen snow.
How could I refuse?
Mt St Helens
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Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving!

 "So glad I'm not
a turkey"
May you and yours
have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, November 21

A Walk in the Wetlands

The wetlands looked pretty sad
after this summer's drought
But I'm happy to say
recent storms
brought the wetlands
back to life

Tuesday, November 20

In a Misty Light

In ever changing light
so changes this little old
decrepit barn
which I happen to adore
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, November 19

Dancing Light

Strong winds and rain
stole our power this evening
Not much to do in the dark
except maybe capture it
(Our power was gratefully restored
about an hour ago)

Sunday, November 18

March of the Mushrooms

By a small
 but enthusiastic

Saturday, November 17

Sun Going Down

Have a beautiful weekend
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Friday, November 16

Taking Shelter

...from the falling leaves

Thursday, November 15

On the Street Where I Live

 I love country living!
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Wednesday, November 14

Cotton Puffs

High above the clouds
along Spirit Lake Hwy
near Mt St Helens
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Tuesday, November 13

Holy Cow

Old barn on a hillside
These cows saw me and decided to come investigate
and to get their pictures taken no doubt
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, November 12


Like a bright light
it shines in spite
of the rain the wind
the cold of night

Sunday, November 11


...Were made for climbing.
For my brother Barry.. who'd always climb a tree with me
Who gave his life to save others
Vietnam 1969
Lest We Forget
Sharing with Sunday Best

Saturday, November 10

The Cycle of Life

All nature has tales to tell
if we but listen

Friday, November 9

Reeds Weeds and Future Seeds

Beauty is everywhere
if we but see


Thursday, November 8

Autumn's Last Hurrah

Soon it'll be
just a memory
Sharing with Rural Thursday

Wednesday, November 7

In Awe... Mt St Helens

Monday I drove up Spirit Lake Hwy
 through a dense fog
The sky finally cleared
I was above the fog
The fog draped across the valley
the valley floor 3000 feet below
I was in serious awe
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Tuesday, November 6

Sunlight and Fog

A dense fog
hug in the valley
behind this stand of firs

Monday, November 5

Sunday, November 4

Lake Sacajawea

Had a lovely but short
walk in the park
before the rains came
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Saturday, November 3

A Walk in the Clouds

Puffy Dreamy
 With shapes
that free
the imagination

Friday, November 2

The Falling Leaves

Happy Friday
my dear friends!

Thursday, November 1

Open Roads

and fields
as far as the eye can see
every now and then
you'll spy an oddity
or two
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