I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, January 31

Proud and Strong

Trees in winter are so boldly beautiful ~

Monday, January 30

Coldwater Lake Revisited

Drove up to Coldwater Lake Saturday
at the base of Mt St Helens
It was so clear and crisp and still 
Well worth the semi-treacherous road conditions ~

Sunday, January 29

Misty Mornin'

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday ~

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Saturday, January 28

Peaceful Paths

We all seek them
May we all find and walk them
Have a joyful weekend ~

Friday, January 27


These trees were all leaning towards the lake
It's amazing they don't fall over, and into.

I'm really having fun playing around with HDR
I love the depth and clarity it gives an image ~

Thursday, January 26

Wednesday, January 25

A Mountain in Recovery

 Mt St Helens erupted in 1980
blasting away the north face
along with its beautiful peak
For over 30 years we've watched the mountain
and surrounding wilderness slowly recover
I'm in awe of nature ~

Monday, January 23

Parallel Worlds

I love playing with reflections
especially when the sun is shining ~

Saturday, January 21

Friday, January 20

Winter Blues

We had a foot of snow here
Gorgeous !
Then it started to rain and
bye-bye snow in the lowlands
I'll trek up to the mountains
for snow photo ops ~

Thursday, January 19

A Sprinkling of Sunshine

I've been silently visiting many of your blogs
as I'm often unable to leave comments.
I can at some but not others.
Hopefully Blogger will fix this soon ~

Wednesday, January 18

Away From the Things of Man

A morning walk
and I'm ready for (almost) anything ~

Monday, January 16


I used Topaz Adjust to add an HDR effect to this single shot image.
I love the Topaz series, its possibilities are endless ~

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Sunday, January 15

Wintering Over

I love playing around with HDR. It adds depth and clarity to most images. I try to stay in the natural realm, though I can get carried away. 

Saturday, January 14

Quiet Waters ~

Some have asked about my techniques, and I'm flattered!   I'll attempt to pass along some of what I've learned, from so many of you.
 I shoot in RAW and use Photoshop Elements 9 and Topaz (the bundle) which I love.
I mostly shoot in HDR (high dynamic range).. but not always.  I'm still learning what to shoot which way. 

HDR is taking three (or more) photos of the same scene in three exposures (-2, 0, +2) to create a single image.   I use Photomatix Pro for processing, tone-mapping.  
I shot this image in HDR and processed it pretty much straight forward.

Friday, January 13

A Walk in the Park

Lake Sacajawea
and more gorgeous weather ~

Thursday, January 12

The Blue Door

What lies behind ?
  Wishes Hopes Dreams
 If we but free the mind ~ 

Wednesday, January 11

Afternoon Walk at the Wetlands

Like so much of the world
our winter has been very mild so far
I wouldn't mind a teeny-tiny bit of winter ~

Tuesday, January 10

Monday, January 9

Monday Monday ~

It's a bright new day ~
Hope yours will be a good one !

Sunday, January 8


Canadian Geese
Making their happy noises ~ 

Saturday, January 7

Friday, January 6

Thursday, January 5

The Hush of Winter

The wetlands
quietly waiting for Spring ~

Wednesday, January 4

Tired and Worn

But the stories it could tell ~

Tuesday, January 3


  I love the sound  of 
rapidly moving waters ~

Monday, January 2

Quiet Time

A quiet walk
refreshes the mind
and soul ~

Sunday, January 1

Fresh and New and Wondrous

A fresh new year
 of wonders to explore