I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, January 31

Tuesday, January 30

Flying Home

In our dreams
we are free
free to fly

Monday, January 29

Under a Pale Moon

Columbia River
cloaked in fog

Sunday, January 28

Fairy Light

Frost in the morning light
glistened and glowed
at the wetlands

Saturday, January 27

The Forgotten

So many pilings now stand forgotten
no longer used or needed
growing whatever will grow
in these small spaces
Along the Columbia River

Friday, January 26

Of Oneness

High on a hillside
waiting for Spring

Thursday, January 25

Simple Pleasures

catches my eye
and captures my soul

Wednesday, January 24

Wetland Wonders

Atop a clump of reeds
way up high
a Water Fairy rested
on that warm sunny day
I sat quietly in total awe
until she flew away

Tuesday, January 23

Love Our Coastal Grunge

Winter is my favorite time
to be down at the
Oregon Coast

Monday, January 22


Trees along the ocean shores
of the Pacific Northwest
often get battered by
winter storms

Sunday, January 21

Sight Unseen

Hidden away
lies an old wooden bridge
by the side of a lake
deep in the wood

Saturday, January 20


It was midday bright
but as we passed this bit of quietude
I just had to jump out of the car
and try to capture some of its charm

Friday, January 19

As Evening Approached

A hushed calm
before the storm

Thursday, January 18

In a Fog

The mighty Columbia River
is out there

Wednesday, January 17

In Silence

Do trees dream
when they sleep

Tuesday, January 16


Of sunshine and rainbows
and talking with flowers

Monday, January 15

Wind Swept

Ocean breezes
carried the morning mist
up along the hillside
Oregon Coast

Sunday, January 14

Afternoon at the Lake

My computer freaked out
had to reinstall everything
Mind Melting
So a quiet afternoon
was much needed

Saturday, January 13

Raindrops Keep Falling

Green moss
on a background of winter

Friday, January 12


In the blue mist
of morning

Thursday, January 11

Wednesday, January 10

Sleeping Trees

Patiently waiting
for Spring

Tuesday, January 9

Coastal Wonders

Tucked in a hollow
steps from the ocean
lives this small charming
bit of wetlands
unkempt unsoiled
left to be

Monday, January 8

Shadow Play

Long afternoon shadows
playing on calm waters

Sunday, January 7


I am drawn to peaceful places
where trees dwell
where all you can hear
is the whispering of the wind
where time stops
if only for a time

Saturday, January 6

Quiet Along the Columbia

The Columbia River
was calling to us
on this sunny winter day
with volcano wounded
Mt St Helens

Friday, January 5

Hidden Lake

Years ago my wanderings
took me up a lonely back road
where I discovered this quaint little lake
Which to me
is magical

Thursday, January 4

Winter Sun

A rare clear winter day
in the Pacific Northwest
Walked the wetlands just before sunset
Mt St Helens was all aglow

Wednesday, January 3

Above the Fog

On Spirit Lake Hwy
heading up to Mt St Helens
the deep valley below
hidden under a heavy blanket of fog

Tuesday, January 2

Foggy Wetlands

A cold and foggy New Year's Day walk
at the wetlands
My fingers numbed
my nose ran
and my lens fogged up
but always love our walks

Monday, January 1

Winter Walk

Wintry sunset
with fog rolling in
at the wetlands