I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, February 28

Painting the Roses

Still wandering
the land of

Tuesday, February 27

Monday, February 26

Little Lost Ladder

This little ladder
once had purpose
now forgotten
in plain sight
along the Columbia River

Sunday, February 25

Snow Covers the Past

Down our little road
sits an old dairy farm
Gone unused
for many a year

Saturday, February 24

Still Life

Playing indoors
on a dark and rainy day

Friday, February 23

Went Visiting

Walked down the lane
to visit my favorite tree
all decked out in freshly fallen snow
It was just a wee thing
when I first introduced myself
My has it grown

Thursday, February 22

Pastel Dreams

Wild roses
of rainbow hues
Sunlight filtered
in purples and blues

Dreaming of Spring

Wednesday, February 21

Desert Winds

Just east of the Cascades
desert winds blow

Tuesday, February 20

In the Twilight

It sways to the rhythms of the wind
and dances

Monday, February 19

Sunday, February 18

Moon Child

With winter rains
I wander to explore
the world
inside my mind

Saturday, February 17

Lowland Fog

Streaming through the trees
and along the lake
Mt St Helens
above it all

Friday, February 16

Sundown at the Wetlands

The sun wandered westward
and we wandered home

Thursday, February 15


In the corners
of my mind

Wednesday, February 14

Valentine's Day

May it be filled with
love and roses

Tuesday, February 13

Of Weathered Boards

Age worn barn
colored with age
and old paint

Monday, February 12

Sunday, February 11

A Walk Down Our Lane

Cow and horse pastures
make up much of our little lane
With fences
for grasses to tangle in

Saturday, February 10

Peering Through the Blue

An old abandoned warehouse
still filled
with voices of the past

Friday, February 9

Safe Harbor

All tucked in
for the winter

Thursday, February 8

Freshly Fallen

A light dusting
of snow

Wednesday, February 7

There and Gone

I turned and there it was
a lovely little rainbow
over the Columbia River
A moment later
it was gone

Tuesday, February 6

On a Quiet Beach

I watched as the sunlight played
with the morning mist
at the Oregon Coast

Monday, February 5

Under Wispy Clouds

Mt St Helens
and the Toutle Valley

Sunday, February 4

Saturday, February 3

Wetlands in Waiting

A hushed peacefulness
blanketed the wetlands

Friday, February 2

Conversing With the Trees

In the foothills of home
I went
to tell little stick tree
not to fret
Spring is nearing

Thursday, February 1

Ocean Blues

A break in the weather
North Oregon Coast