I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, June 30


Lily Pads
and one little Water Lily
at the Wetlands

Monday, June 29

Shades of White

As the Sun touched the Rose
Shades of a Rainbow
Danced along its Edges
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, June 28

Early Morning Flight

Watching Osprey
at the wetlands
in the morning light

Saturday, June 27

Whispers of Blue

Refreshing to the eye
when temperatures fly

Friday, June 26

Remains of Yesterday

A lonely stretch of fence
is all that remains
of lives lived

Thursday, June 25

Wednesday, June 24


Of rose buds
waiting to open

Tuesday, June 23

Hearing the Past

It sits silent now
but if you listen with your heart
you'll hear the once upon a time
  beautiful music

Monday, June 22

In the Wild

Our woodlands are alive
with color
and I cannot walk through
without smiling

Sunday, June 21

Celebrating Summer

Sunshine and sunsets
flowers in full bloom
white billowing clouds
lazy afternoons
Celebrating Summer Solstice

Saturday, June 20

Locked in the Past

Hidden away in plain sight 
from days long gone
and all but forgotten

Friday, June 19

Summer's Charm

   Its beauty is everywhere
making hearts swell
smiles form without warning
and that overwhelming feeling
of euphoria
Breathe it in

Thursday, June 18

Blowing in the Wind

Bright pink
against a deep blue sky
this featherlike cloud appeared
Then ever so quickly
  it vanished

Wednesday, June 17

Feeling a Bit Shy

Look up 
  little sunflower
 and you will find
the day
and the world
can be
sunny and kind

Tuesday, June 16

Mirror Image

Reflections of
a rose stem

Monday, June 15

Simply Green

I love the simplicity
of greenery

Sunday, June 14

Calm Waters Happy Geese

A young family
out for an afternoon
paddle about

Saturday, June 13

Opening Daily

With each new day
it flowers more

Friday, June 12

To Just Sit and Be

I love the stillness
of Coldwater Lake
in late afternoon

Thursday, June 11

Must Be Aliens

Left flank

Right flank
 (arrow is at top left)
Overview of Crater

We were up at Johnston Ridge today
the closest viewpoint to Mt St Helens
It was a beautiful day to capture the mountain
and its crater
At home I viewed my images and found
a few oddities...
There is a perfectly shaped arrow and two squares
on the upper flank of the crater
Snow usually covers this area
They can't be man made
as its rugged terrain makes this region impossible to reach 
Aliens...  Perhaps
I love a good mystery

Wednesday, June 10

Inside Sunshine

Celebrating summer
and sunshine
lazy days

Tuesday, June 9

Almost Glowing

Brightening the forest
for the Fairies and Pixies
and for the Tree Sprites

Monday, June 8

Hiding from the Heat

What can
is taking shelter from our
 hopefully short
  heat wave
As is I

Sunday, June 7

Fields of Foxglove

The abundantly blooming wildflower
 abundantly full of charm and grace

Saturday, June 6


  and softness
Helped by the winds
that wouldn't let still
the flowers

Friday, June 5

Breaking Through

Storm clouds
gave way to
a little afternoon sun
at the wetlands

Thursday, June 4

Talking to the Daisies

one need only 
talk with the daisies
to grasp

Wednesday, June 3

Shades of the Day

Cascade Foothills
as end of day
drew near 

Tuesday, June 2

Horse Play

To run free
to just be

Monday, June 1

Life Inside a Crater

With little snow to cover Mt St Helens
textures shapes and colors come alive
deep inside her crater 
taking on an unearthly look
Beauty of a different nature
Sharing with Sweet Shot