I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, July 16

Robust Rosey Roses

It's raining
not a dreary drudgery do
but a sweet summer sprinkle
that smells oh so good
and makes our forests and flowers
and me
very happy


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Beautiful words and photo Laura. Enjoy the fresh summer rain.

Juliana said...

That roses made me happy too)
Have a nice day!

xoxo, Juliana

Mel said...

I like that they're in all stages of flowering.

And I love those gentle rains -- we got dumped on this weekend but I'm NOT complaining. LOL A nice gentle shower would be welcomed, too!

Linda said...

Great image of some beautiful roses.

Stephanie said...

Seems to be a rosy day! I posted a shot of a rose as well as a fellow blogger. This one is stunning!