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Friday, September 7

Foggy Weather

 Mt St Helens
veiled in fog.
The left side was blown away
by the 1980 eruption.


Unknown said...

Mt St Helens still beautiful under the fog cover.

Mel said...

Always an impressive sight--and always a reminder of how 'small' I am in the big scheme of things.

LOL And we all know how good it is for me to be reminded of that.

Lovely photo with the fog tucking itself around the tips.
Enjoy your weekend, eh?

Lorac said...

Always surprised when I see the after shots of Mt St Helen. Beautifully done!

Kim, USA said...

Amazing shot. And so loving the view.


Photokismet said...

Great capture!

Anonymous said...

That's a magnificent shot!

Stephanie said...

Nice capture!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

There's always something mysterious about fog.

Grandma C said...

So beautiful!