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Sunday, December 9

Sitting Silent

A small plaque reads:
Built in 1895
abandoned in 1914
Nothing more.
Sad that this beautiful church
has sat silent for 100 years.
It is however
 in the middle
 of nowhere.
I'd love to know its story.


  1. It looks very well preserved for being unwed the last 100 years. A shame it was in use for such a short time. It looks very well built.

  2. Wonderful photo of a beautiful church !!!

  3. what a gorgeous church. wonder what it looks like inside. so cool. ( :

  4. And it looks like it wouldn't take much to put it in shipshape condition. Amazing that it hasn't deteriorated with the lack of maintenance.

  5. What a pretty church and scene. Great shot!

  6. Ohhhh......what a gem of a find. Sad that it has been left uncared for.

    I hope you peeked inside! And I'm hopeful you'll learn the story--go digging!

  7. Fantastic! I would stay here for a while just looking and thinking...

  8. Very nice shot with lovely colors.....nice done Laura.

    Greetings, Joop

  9. Laura, this church is a very unique. Not many churches like this we can find. Yes, its silent for a long time but still there. I am glad that you found such an old beauty.

    Absolutely striking and wonderful photograph!!!

  10. You know me....I'm curious as to the location! What a beautiful old building, and it's really in quite-good shape for the age it is and for the number of years it has sat abandoned!

  11. Wow, lovely photo and a beautiful church. Where is this?

  12. It looks to be in pretty good condition for sitting abandoned for that long... I wish all these old places could be saved... Love that blue sky =)


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