I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, April 25

Taking Their Time

The leisurely ones
who leaf out


Mel said...

*laughing* I must live in Leisure City! They all look like that.
Soon though..... Oh, and look at the happy trees encouraging the leisurely one to come play! :-)

sophie...^5 said...

Lovely ~~~ still waiting for a sign of life here ~~~ oh the east coast and it's own mind!!

Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photo. Yes, the spring is here ....
From Hilda

Dirk Rosin said...

beautiful !!!
greatings dirk

Jeanne said...

Excellent photo. Very pretty!!

MARTY said...

very beautiful