I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, May 28

Walking the Wetlands

Blooms everywhere
Oh I love Spring
Swallows vigilantly guarding their
under the boardwalk nest
The wetlands


Rick Forrestal said...

Wonderful Spring post.
The iris here are also magnificent right now.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful pictures , I love the brightness and the
contrast. Here we have it very stormy and the swallows are flying so deep in my garden really in eye

Linda W. said...

Nice pond lilies - we have some in our backyard too. Cute bird pics. I like the nice bright colors in your images.

Hilary said...

Those petals look like velvet!

Stephanie said...

Stunning spring shots!

Anita Johnson said...

Oh your pictures are beautiful!

Mel said...

What adoreable photos of the swallows. Lucky for you that they were such vigilant parents.