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who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
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Saturday, September 13

The Power of the Sunflower

I smile easily
but when I see a sunflower
I smile even more
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Rick Forrestal said...

I agree. It's a happy color.
One of my favorite flowers.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful capture of that lighting

Stephanie said...

So do I! They are the happiness flowers.

Dirk Rosin said...

en drøm av et bilde !

Linda W. said...

Lovely photo! I love sunflowers too. We usually grow a few in our garden but for some reason this year we didn't. I really miss seeing them in our backyard.

S. Etole said...

It's radiating sunshine!

Kaya said...

Oh, yes there is power in this flower! Gorgeous capture of a beautiful sunflower!

Existe Sempre Um Lugar said...

Bom dia, a flor do girassol é fantástica, quando juntas num campo, dá uma imagem de enorme beleza, sua foto está magnifica, tem a magia da criatividade.

you-wee because said...

You smile because the sunflower keeps the sun's power (for you)?

Grandma C said...

I understand why you smile. That is a beautiful flower!