I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, November 17

Late Bloomer

Our unusually mild weather
is confusing

Friday, November 15

Emerald Forest

At the bottom
of the dell
where trees dance
and the winds sing

Wednesday, November 13

Saturday, November 9

Thursday, November 7


Gone of yesterday
yet still in my dreams

Wednesday, November 6


Enjoying a peaceful walk
at a perfect time of day

Monday, November 4

Garden Delight

Just last week
at the beautiful community gardens

Sunday, November 3

Autumn Blooms

Until the first frost
these beauties bloom

Saturday, November 2


Darkening skies
A hint of rain
teasing the breeze
Resplendent Quietude

Friday, July 26

Internal Beauty

At the age
of perfection

Friday, July 19

Where Pixies Play

and the every day
drifts away

Tuesday, July 16

Sunday, July 14

Life's Simple Pleasures

Buds and Blooms
and deep breathing

Friday, July 12

Peeking Through

Nature's Pure Perfection

Monday, July 8

Wednesday, July 3

A Flight of Fancy

I breathe in
nature's beauty
I breathe out

Monday, July 1

A Host of Hostas

So green
So lush
So perfect a plant

Saturday, June 15

Friday, June 14

Wednesday, June 12

A Morning Moment

The garden
in early morning
Total bliss

Monday, June 10

Sunday, June 9

Wednesday, June 5

Garden Delights

One of the happiest
flowers in the garden

Sunday, June 2

Simple Moments

the grass grow

Friday, May 31

Monday, May 27

Monday, May 20

Thursday, May 16

Tuesday, May 14


For a moment
For always

Saturday, May 11

New Beginnings

afresh and anew

Thursday, May 9


An abandoned homestead
still blooms

Monday, May 6

Saturday, May 4

Wednesday, May 1


My favorite
happy flower

Sunday, April 28

The Awakening

It has been a long while
Work absorbed my hours
Time now
 to get back to

Friday, November 16

Wisps of Winter

High in the mountains
hints of winter

Wednesday, November 7

Of Autumn

The leaves fall
the days shorten
refuses to slow

Saturday, October 20

The Beauty of Autumn

The beauty of Autumn
is everywhere
and in every thing

Sunday, October 14

Saturday, October 6

When Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall

I haven't been around much of late
I've been dusting off the cobwebs
of my antiques business
stored away for years
Enjoying every minute of it!

Friday, September 21

Summer's End

Season to Season
Time after Time

Monday, September 3

Wisps of Change

Though ever so slight
is in the air

Thursday, August 30

The Dainties

The little guys
are always the cutest

Sunday, August 26

A Rose Explodes

As summer
slowly drifts by

Wednesday, August 22

Heady Hydrangea

Usually they're pink
or they're blue
Sometimes however
they choose
not to choose
so they're both

Wednesday, August 15

August Blooms

Late summer flowers
all in bloom

Saturday, August 11

Tiger Hunting

Of the Flora Variety
Happy Weekend

Thursday, August 9