I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, May 25

For Barry

For my brother
Vietnam 1969
and all the many who gave their lives
to protect our country and our freedoms
Lest We Forget

Sunday, May 24


Rustling in the breeze
they spoke to me

Saturday, May 23

Friday, May 22


All aglow 
with light
and hope

Thursday, May 21

Temporary Meadows

Trees grow fast
here in Washington State
logging is our mainstay
Sad as these cuts look 
wildflowers abound
and with pockets like this one
always has a place to call home

Wednesday, May 20

Simple Beauty

beauty can be found
around the next corner

Tuesday, May 19

In the Shadows

In a far corner
 under our Laurel Tree
these sweet wildflowers grow
I crawled on in
captured their charm
and left them to live

Monday, May 18

Hiding and On Her Anniversary

Mt St Helens erupted
35 years ago today
but she refused to come out
and play

Sunday, May 17

Peeking Out from Under

for a place in the sun

Saturday, May 16

Heading Home

In that hushed moment in time
when day
entwines with night

Friday, May 15

Magical Moments

We all have them
favorite places
where our imaginations fly
and magic is made
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Thursday, May 14

A Wander

Dark days
persuade the imagination
to  wander

Wednesday, May 13

To Look is to See

On a bed of roses
on a bed of pine needles
beauty is everywhere

Tuesday, May 12

Coming Together

Wouldn't it be wonderful
if we could all
meet inbetween

Monday, May 11

Call of the Honeysuckle

Bright bold and beautiful 
like the hummingbirds
that love it so

Sunday, May 10

A Mother's Day Wish

To all mothers
Happy Mother's Day
You've been gone most my life
but you've never left
my heart

Saturday, May 9

A Gentle Touch

The forest is filled
with wonders to discover
to hold in our memories 

Friday, May 8

Pretty in Pink

pure perfection

Thursday, May 7


Just as the sun was setting
it peeked out from behind dark clouds
giving gentle light
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Wednesday, May 6

Happy Little Bluebells

 Patches of open land
filled with sunshine
and joy

Tuesday, May 5

Monday, May 4

Hidden Amongst the Green

Deep in the forest of green
this sweet little iris grows
It's a magical moment
when I rediscover it each and every Spring

Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, May 3


The forest is exploding
with new life

Saturday, May 2

Bold and Beautiful

The always cheery
 Red Rhody

Friday, May 1

Among the Clouds

Like a bird
we can fly
we can if we try
if we close our eyes
to see the sky

Thursday, April 30

Tiny Burst of Color

A rainbow of color
bursting from one
itsy bitsy wildflower

Wednesday, April 29

Wandering the Gorge

Horsetail Falls
One of the many
along the Columbia River Gorge

Tuesday, April 28

In the Wild

Deep in the jungle
also known as our backyard
wildflowers rule

Monday, April 27

The Gorgeous Gorge

Whatever the weather
the Columbia River Gorge
is forever beautiful

Sunday, April 26

A Touch of Spring

in marshlands
along rivers creeks and streams
the yellow iris is all aglow

Saturday, April 25

Over the Cascades

Lenticular clouds
are from
another planet

Friday, April 24

Pixie Hollow

If you're very patient
and sit very still
you just may see
Pixies at play

Thursday, April 23

Wednesday, April 22

In Living Color

The wetlands we walk
are alive with color
Happy Dance
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Tuesday, April 21

Leafing Out

Baby leaves
grow up so fast

Monday, April 20

Shy and Demure

The Water Lily
 All abloom
at the wetlands

Sunday, April 19

Tucked Here and There

In the shade of tall trees just leafing out
next to streams full with Spring run-off
Wildflowers abound

Saturday, April 18

Of a Delicate Nature

And positively
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Friday, April 17

Afternoon at the Lake

Blue skies
puffy white clouds
Tiny new leaves
sparkling in the sunlight
that recharges the soul

Thursday, April 16

Spring Alive With Color

there is new life
and hope

Wednesday, April 15

Plums of Plenty

  and brilliantly white

Tuesday, April 14

Monday, April 13

Woodland Wonders

Scattered among the fern and moss
Trillium bloom
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, April 12

Stormy Weather

Though dark and stormy
with little mouths to feed
the Osprey fly

Saturday, April 11

The Trouble With Tulips

They're so perfectly
and so lovely
I want to photograph
every one I see

Friday, April 10

Glorious Spring

When love
is in the air
and hearts

Thursday, April 9

Shades of Purple

I have a passion
 for purple

Wednesday, April 8

Afternoon Glow

Flowers bring hope
laughter and love