I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, October 27

Red Swirls

Flowers still blooming
in our little town's
little garden park

Wednesday, October 26

The Colors of Autumn

softly falling
as the trees
ready themselves
for their long winter sleep

Tuesday, October 25

Fallen Leaves

Clinging to
outstretched arms
in the autumn light

Monday, October 24

Rain Dance

Seeking sunlight
on a dark and rainy

Sunday, October 23

The If Factor

If only I'd been there
if only I wasn't
if only I could
if only I did

We are too hard on ourselves
perhaps age helps tame that
perhaps that light finally goes on
and we see
we are
only we
and we do
our best

Saturday, October 22

Afloat on Calm Waters

Tugged at by a gentle breeze
they sail
in the quiet hush
of afternoon

Friday, October 21

Disheveled Delights

brighten up
Autumn days

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Thursday, October 20

The Misty Moody Wetlands

I never tire of the
and the simple beauty
found there

Wednesday, October 19

Cloudy with a Chance of Lily Pads

At the wetlands
chasing clouds
across the waters

Tuesday, October 18

Mountain View

watching a storm roll in
Mt St Helens
with freshly fallen snow
and a few lenticular clouds

Monday, October 17

Autumn Glow

of orange light

Sunday, October 16

Rainy Day Play

Rainy windy weather
perfect for
indoor playing

Saturday, October 15

A Special Day

A singular flower
for our special day
Happy Anniversary
my dear wonderful husband
of 35 years

Friday, October 14

Hidden Treasures

In our hearts
in our souls
lie treasures
to behold

Thursday, October 13

Feeling Fall

It's that gentle change
where calmness prevails
even in inclement weather

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Wednesday, October 12

Dreams of a Better Life

To look back and admire
their bravery
their strengths
and their belief
in themselves

Tuesday, October 11

A Bit of Fluff

There is such beauty
everywhere I look

Monday, October 10

Of the Past

In the stillness
can be heard
voices of the past

Sunday, October 9

Quiet Waters

As the sky
gently touches
quiet waters
the day
draws to a close

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Saturday, October 8

Lost in Time

There's an old barn
just down the road and
around the bend
where time stopped
a long time ago

Friday, October 7

Sweet Petite

Sweet Pea
soft delicate
yet growing strong
in the wild

Thursday, October 6

The Pureness of White

Until the first frost
flowers still bloom

Wednesday, October 5

Rainy Days

I love the rain
It can cleanse the spirit
revitalize the soul

Tuesday, October 4

The Flutter of a Feather

Feathers can calm
with gentle persuasion
 as one floats by
let it take with it
your worries leaving with you
your dreams

Monday, October 3

Taking Flight

Flowers of yesterday
Seeds of tomorrow

Sunday, October 2

Stairway to Dream

It's delicious to just
What lies ahead

Saturday, October 1

Berries Aplenty

The trees are singing
with birds
snacking on the many
autumn berries

Friday, September 30

High on a Hill

When we reached
the top of the hill
we were gifted
with glory

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Thursday, September 29

Delicate Daisies

Until first frost
daisies bloom

Wednesday, September 28

Hints of Autumn

First little signs
what's to come

Tuesday, September 27

Gone to Seed

In a meadow
sowing seed
for next Spring

Monday, September 26

Seasons of Change

the seasons
of our lives

Sunday, September 25

Autumn Leaves

Gliding through
shadow and light
in the soft
morning breeze

Saturday, September 24

Playing with the Peonies

I spied a tiny garden faerie
her magic wand twinkling bright
Zipping by each flower
changing their colors
to her giggly delight

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Friday, September 23

Whispering By

On a breath of wind
it sailed
a feather as soft as
an angel's wing

Thursday, September 22

Sun Sparkles

I spied this little
soon to be honeysuckle
outside my door
The afternoon light
playing on its

Wednesday, September 21

Dressed for Fall

The wildflowers of summer
have donned
their fall apparel

Tuesday, September 20

Among the Tall Timbers

Their majesty
power and strength
forever humbles me

Monday, September 19

Still with Blooms

I heard it whisper
I still have roses
in bloom
come admire my beauty
come smell my sweet

Sunday, September 18

Feather Fantasy

Feathers fallen from the sky
little treasures
left behind
I tuck them in my pockets
to forever be adorned
at our little home

Saturday, September 17

Sunny Side Up

The happiest flowers
in the whole wide world

Fallen Leaves

Things got goofy 
when I posted
my sunflower moved
to a new post.

Friday, September 16

Summer's Swan Song

Lingering lovelies
adorning our fields
and meadows

Thursday, September 15

Sweet Sweetpeas

I love discovering sweetpeas
growing in the meadow

Wednesday, September 14

To Hope

To see what cannot be seen
to define what cannot be defined
to wish to dream
to hope to be

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Tuesday, September 13

The Daisy

Like life itself
simple yet complex

Monday, September 12

In a Shady Corner

What better to do
on a Sunday afternoon
than hug a tree
or two

Sunday, September 11

9/11 Forever in Our Hearts

For the brave who rushed in to help
for the many souls lost
we must
Never Forget