I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, September 21


A pocketful
of seeds

Saturday, September 20

Under a Quirky Sky

Stormy sunset
with a twist

Friday, September 19

Attic Treasures

High and low
I love

Thursday, September 18

By the Sea

Playing in the dunes
Washington Coast

Wednesday, September 17

Changing Seasons

Long shadows
cool crisp nights
the crackle of fallen leaves
beneath our feet
 Autumn is in the air

Tuesday, September 16

The Vastness

Never ceases to be

Monday, September 15

Strength and Beauty

Embraced by a sea of green
always makes my heart sing

Sunday, September 14

Serenity and Joy

Stacking stones
can bring joyful peace

Saturday, September 13

The Power of the Sunflower

I smile easily
but when I see a sunflower
I smile even more
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Friday, September 12

Gone With the Wind

Little feathery puffs that
  in the clear blue sky
like to fly

Thursday, September 11

Wednesday, September 10

Vestiges of Summer

Simple beauty
is everywhere

Tuesday, September 9


  many paths

Monday, September 8

The Last Rose of Summer

I'll miss your perfect beauty
and your scent so sweet
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Sunday, September 7

Wonder Land

Coastal Rainforest
So lush and green
so full of life and wonder

Saturday, September 6

Deep in the Forest of Odd

I love this dense forest
of tall slender trees
  its canopy far above

Friday, September 5

Remnants and Reminders

Blown down and shattered
where new life abounds
 Blast zone
1980 eruption
 of Mt St Helens

Thursday, September 4

Early Light

Gently lighting
the twilight shadows

Wednesday, September 3

Tuesday, September 2

On the Vine

The breeze
played with the light
which danced across the shadows

Monday, September 1

A Lust for Rust

Remnants of yesteryear
all rusty and worn
have many tales
  yet to be borne

Sunday, August 31

I Touched the Sky

I reached up high
I touched the sky

Saturday, August 30

Friday, August 29

Shimmering Softly

in the early morning light
I hope you have
a beautiful weekend

Thursday, August 28

Wandering the Back Roads

East of the Cascades
has a beauty all its own


Wednesday, August 27

Whispering in the Wind

I paused to listen
to their ode
to summer's end

Tuesday, August 26

Late Summer Color

Days are getting shorter
Here in the Pacific Northwest
Autumn is in the air
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, August 25

Tell Me

Where have you sailed
What have you seen
What adventures have you beheld

Sunday, August 24


Life's paths
ought be filled
  with wonder

Saturday, August 23

Friday, August 22

Thursday, August 21

The Dance

in the quiet light
of dusk

Wednesday, August 20

Serenity Violently Created

Coldwater Lake
  born from the eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980
its banks still littered with
blown down trees

Tuesday, August 19

Bold Beauty

Lighting up the shadows

Monday, August 18

Morning Has Broken

With a wisp of mist
still in the air
Over the
Toutle Mountain Range

Sunday, August 17


I heard the daisies
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Saturday, August 16

Subtle Hints of Change

 Late Summer
with early Autumn

Friday, August 15

Thursday, August 14

Wednesday, August 13

As the Dawn Breaks

The morning mist
dancing upon the waters
at Coldwater Lake

Tuesday, August 12

Early Morning Sun

Coldwater Lake
just after sunrise
 Mt St Helens
letting off some steam

Monday, August 11

A Riot of Rustic Rust

Rusty and dusty
and a wee bit crusty

Sunday, August 10

Twilight Time

At the edge
of the forest

Saturday, August 9


Still wearing
last year's
fall fashion
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Friday, August 8

Bashful Blue

The  hydrangea
 a soft subtle
garden companion 

Thursday, August 7

Cloud Nine

Gently drifting
in a dream