I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, October 9

The Sounds of Autumn

Those crackly crunchy  
 crinkly crumbly leaves 
that only Autumn brings

Thursday, October 8

Beautiful Dreamers

Rustle through the tall grasses
to a shoreline peaceful
and pristine
and dream 

Wednesday, October 7

Bittersweet Farewell

Though fall is firmly upon us
my heart still dwells
 in summer

Tuesday, October 6

A Feather on the Breath of God

The feather flew
not because of anything in itself
but because the air bore it along
thus am I a feather on the breath of God
September 17, 1179
Hildegarde of Bingen
a most remarkable woman

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Monday, October 5

Into the Abyss

The imagination
is a wonderful place to visit

Sunday, October 4

Abernathy Hollow

This tiny treasure
dear to my heart
is a nearly unknown
really really small state park
A hidden beauty
that begged for a name
so Bill and I christened it
Abernathy Hollow

Saturday, October 3

The Colors of Autumn

Autumn colors are unfolding
 more with each passing day
Umber to gold
 the many blushes of red 
even potent purple

Friday, October 2

Out to Pasture

So many old barns and empty pastures
scattered about the countryside
left to the elements

Thursday, October 1

Sun Catcher

The sunniest of flowers
that charms 
and brings on uncontrollable

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Wednesday, September 30


Once much needed
now forgotten

Tuesday, September 29

Last Light

 In the woodlands
darkness so quickly steals away
the day

Monday, September 28

Autumn is in the Air

Leaves are turning
days are growing shorter and crisper
with that wonderful certain something 
in the air

Sunday, September 27

Wisps of White in a Deep Blue Sky

There is a place I often go
   to sit and dream
high above the Toutle Valley
and Mt St Helens in the near distance
the mountain I so love

Saturday, September 26


 This radiant little flower
reached up 
and captured the sun

Friday, September 25


On the horizons
of my mind

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Thursday, September 24

Until the First Frost

We are graced with
a few roses
still in bloom

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Wednesday, September 23

Riding the Rails of My Mind

A train passes by
from afar
  and my mind wanders
and wonders
of places yet to see

Tuesday, September 22

Upon Reflection

I watched as this little feather 
 floated to Earth
as if with great purpose

Monday, September 21

The Pureness of Green

Simple leaves of green
speak of peace
and hope

Sunday, September 20

Second Star From the Right

Just close your eyes
and open your heart
and soon you will see
where dreams come to be

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Saturday, September 19

Freshly Fallen Snow on Mt St Helens

It calls to me
with its ever changing light

Friday, September 18

Thursday, September 17

The Other Stonehenge

Overlooking the Columbia River
in Washington State
Built to scale in 1914
to honor veterans of WWI

Wednesday, September 16

Dream Weaving

Watching the breeze
help puffs of white
take flight
on a sleepy afternoon

Tuesday, September 15

Aged to Perfection

To walk through
an old growth forest
is to be one with the Earth
and all the beauty it holds

Monday, September 14

A Rainbow of Color

 A rainbow in a wildflower
happily blooming in a grove of pines
out our front door

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Sunday, September 13

Buds and Blooms

Glowing bright
in the 
late summer light

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Saturday, September 12

High on a Hillside

the Toutle Valley
far below

Friday, September 11

Puffs of Fluffs

At night
when the moon shines bright
sparkling seeds take flight
to the fairies delight

Thursday, September 10

Worn and Weary

Down our little road 
sits an old abandoned dairy
Though time has passed it by
whispers of yesterday
can still be heard

Wednesday, September 9

Image for the Imagination

The sun shining brightly
a flower in full bloom
a wave at its curl
or just a splash of color to chase away gloom
It is 
whatever you want it to be
It is
whatever the eye wants to see

Tuesday, September 8

Remains of the Day

Where forests once stood
now only drifts of wood remain
They in their own way
show beauty
Mt St Helens
erupted in 1980

Monday, September 7


Tall and twisty
with a curly cue branch
A grand old timer
doing its own thing

Sunday, September 6

Dream Dancing in the Sky

High above
 a mending landscape
Mt St Helens

Saturday, September 5

Roses Still Bloom

Days are growing shorter
Autumn's chill is in the air
So when I see a freshly opened Rose
my heart sings

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Friday, September 4

Secret Gardens

A wonderland filled with fun
for little flower sprites
and their pixie pals

Thursday, September 3


Without one there would be none
of the thousands of firefighters
battling the flames
of the many wildfires still burning
in the Pacific Northwest
Thank you for your courage
and strength

Wednesday, September 2


The hour after sunset
when stillness 
and that little bit of mystery

Tuesday, September 1

As Darkness Falls

Walking the wetlands
at the last light of day

Monday, August 31

Hints of Change

Days shorten
Summer recedes
With hints of Autumn
Sprinkled in the trees

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Sunday, August 30

The Heavens Opened and it Rained

A steady glorious rain!
Though it won't end our drought
or douse our many wildfires
it's a start!

Saturday, August 29


 There's something about
a daisy
that brings purity to mind 

Friday, August 28


Clouds drifting by
like feathers
in the sky  

Thursday, August 27

Passing By

I look up and
for one brief moment
I see
a forever friend
I may never get to meet
On a train
passing by

Wednesday, August 26

Chasing the Light

Late afternoon light is greeting us earlier
with each passing day
  Mt St Helens
was quickly falling into shadow

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Tuesday, August 25

Petal Gone Blue Metal

A rose petal
that wanted to be
whatever it wanted
to be

Monday, August 24

The Daylily

In all its glory
it shines
Standing proud
it lives
For one beautiful
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Sunday, August 23

Age Old

Gated fields that once were
now sit quietly
in retirement