I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, October 24

Old Beauty

May need
a wee bit
of tuning

Thursday, October 23

Oddities and Funky Finds

Randomly found 
shapes and patterns

Wednesday, October 22

In the Pines

of so many shapes shades and sizes
grace the landscape

Tuesday, October 21


Once defining
now discarded
in tall grasses

Monday, October 20

Through the Years

It stands alone
where life 
once surrounded it
in a bustling town
of long ago
What memories
does it hold

Sunday, October 19

In the Clouds

Mt Hood
with a blanket
of freshly fallen snow
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Saturday, October 18

Reflections of Autumn

Muted Autumn colors
of the Pacific Northwest

Friday, October 17

The Gorgeous Gorge

I'm in total awe
of the
Columbia River Gorge
Taken from the Washington side

Thursday, October 16

Pastel Skies

A storm over the mountains
gave us a beautiful gift
for our
  33rd Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, October 15

Nearly Forgotten

An early schoolhouse sits quiet
where a town once was
The doors are not
a piano in disrepair
A windmill from a far off yesterday
seen through old wavy windows
We took only photos
and one small rock
where children once played

Tuesday, October 14

Back Road Exploring

We found fences
that fenced nothing in
that went nowhere
And yes
got totally lost
 was a wonderful day

Monday, October 13

In Search of Ghost Towns

We meandered through the
beautiful Columbia River Gorge
to the east side of the Cascade Range
in search of
ghost towns
which there are many

Sunday, October 12

Sunset Shack Attack

The warm glow of sunset
illuminated this
sweet old shack

Saturday, October 11

Friday, October 10

Golden Glow

Aglow with Autumn
Spirit Lake Hwy

Thursday, October 9

Tis the Moon I See

It was more than
a wee bit cold and damp
my tripod kept sliding
in the dew
But seeing a total lunar eclipse
a blood moon
was an experience
too wonderful for words

Wednesday, October 8

Tuesday, October 7

Monday, October 6

Sunday Drive

Down a quiet country road
lives this magical little lake

Sunday, October 5


There's a land that I heard of
once in a lullaby

Saturday, October 4

A Little Bit of Fluff

Seeds in the wind
for tomorrow's tomorrow
and fresh new starts
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Friday, October 3

Thursday, October 2

Curtain Call

Deep in the land
of odd

Wednesday, October 1

Leaves of Green

Soon to turn
Autumn gold

Tuesday, September 30

Sun Going Down

A perfect time
for walking the trails
at Seaquest

Monday, September 29

Nature Made

A little bit
of different

Sunday, September 28

September Morn

When stillness fills the air
and the lake lies
silky smooth
Coldwater Lake

Saturday, September 27

September Skies

Peace Harmony
dreams elusive
I pray they someday be
our reality

Friday, September 26

Thursday, September 25

Wednesday, September 24

Autumn Joy

The lake reflects
golden and red
 I love this time
of year

Tuesday, September 23

First Light

Blue hues
of morning light
over the Cascades

Monday, September 22

Vast and Empty

The ocean shore 
 as summer comes to a close

Sunday, September 21


A pocketful
of seeds

Saturday, September 20

Under a Quirky Sky

Stormy sunset
with a twist

Friday, September 19

Attic Treasures

High and low
I love

Thursday, September 18

By the Sea

Playing in the dunes
Washington Coast