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Saturday, October 15

Otters in the Wetlands.. I think

Walking the wetlands yesterday we spotted these cute little guys playing away.
First thought they were beavers, as there's lots of them around.
I snapped some really quick pics before they wandered off.
Later we realized they weren't beavers at all which, like.. of course not!
So then they must be otters?  Not totally sure, but that's our best guess.
What do you think.. Otters?


ADRIAN said...

The head looks more like a beaver to me but then the last one I saw was in a zoo twenty years ago.

Liz said...

What a cute little face!

Kristi said...

Oh ya that's an otter allright. That one looking straight at the camera with that cheeky grin is all otter. How cute!!!

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I am not sure if it is an otter or a beaver but you captured the moment of it realizing the human presence beautifully.

TexWisGirl said...

i'd guess otters. too cute!

Kaya said...

Lovely animal!!!! I have never seen him before.

Laura, this is a wonderful picture. So sharp and so clear and you had only a few moments to take it.

Great, so great!!!!

You are an amazing photographer!

Have a beautiful Saturday and creative!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Definitely Otters.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Beaver have Buck teeth, that they use to cut down trees. They eat the bark as food.

Andrew said...

Otter for me to... and a lovely animal to see in the wild.
Thanks for sharing.

Mel said...


Oh, he's too cute. :-)

Nadege, said...

Otters and they are so cute.

Wind-kissed said...

Lookin' likw otters having a ton of fun. Hope you are too.

Karin M. said...

Great shot ......
LG: Karin