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and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
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Thursday, October 20

The Sublime

I never tire
 of its splendor..
I am always in awe.


Ralline said...

Me too. Very beautiful

Pieces of Sunshine said...

And I can see why...magnificent!

Miguel Iglesias said...

Sublime realmente. Gran fotografia.

Nordis said...

Beautiful picture and so lovely words.
Have a nice weekend

petrolin50 said...

Wild and romantic, this coast. So I like it. / Peter

Ignacio Santana said...

Hola, Laura!!!...muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, es un gran honor para mi, y por darme la oportunidad de conocer tu trabajo...preciosas fotografías!!!

Un abrazo!!! ;)

TexWisGirl said...


Marty said...

what a gorgeous landscape ! love it Laura !

Andrew said...

A beautiful image...

Kaya said...

Laura, this is so authentic, so untouched and so powerful. Wow!!!

And you captured it so wonderfully, so beautifully.

I would never ever also would tire of its splendor.

Great, so great!


Mel said...

I can see why.

Humbled is the word for me.
Just about AS humbled when I get a glimpse of that mountain of yours.

Nadege, said...

Wow, magnificent cliffs.

Nick said...

I'm not surprised...I'm in awe just looking at your wonderful shot!!

Thank you!