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Monday, May 28

For Barry

For my brother Barry
who lost his life
to the Vietnam War
And for all the many
who gave so much
You will never be forgotten


Sandra said...

We never forget our departed loved ones. Their memory remains in the safe haven of our hearts forever.

Roan said...

Beautiful flowers and words to match.

Catherine said...

Such a beautiful post Laura.
Sending you bug hugs!
xo Catherine

Barbara Franceschini said...

excellent shot!!!!
well done!!! :D

Photocontest on my photoblog: www.photographyforpassion.blogspot.it

A Garden of Threads said...

A beautiful tribute to your brother.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful image and words for your brother and all the others lost. (hugs)
Stay inspired!

LeAnne said...

Thinking of you and your brother Barry today. As a mom of two Marines, I've come to know many Gold Star families through the years. I know it won't take away the pain of your loss, but rest assured many people remember and appreciate the sacrifice made by your brother and those dear to him.

Anonymous said...

Deep bow in respect.

Mel said...

Great respect........

Never forgotten.

(((((((( Laura ))))))))))

Stephanie said...

Nice image and words for your brother.

Robert Wagter said...

Hi Laura,

A very nice remembrance picture. Must be strange to have lived yourself already so long without your brother. I wish you happy memories.