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and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
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Friday, February 15

Shrouded Sound

I love the sounds of snow
Like an echo hushed 
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Mel said...

You've peeked my curiosity with the photo--I'd have said 'mist' or low lying cloud....but I'm to assume it's snow?
Whichever it is, it's an amazing sight.
And the description of the hushed echo--perfect.

Have a joy-filled Friday, ma'am!

Kaya said...

Laura, I always enjoy your pictures of mountains. They are all unique!!! Perhaps, I have to learn to listen to snow. I love this idea.

Photokismet said...

You are truly blessed to have such view surrounding you! I'm hoping to hear some snow tonight.

Leave It To Davis said...

It has just occured to me that you seem to have a varied environment...do you take these pictures ahead of time and post them when the mood strikes? Or is there that much of a difference in the surroundings as you go into a valley or up a mountain? You do take the most amazing pictures!

Pieni Lintu said...

That is so beautiful photo!!

Sharon said...

What a peaceful, serene photo. I love the way the peaks stick up out of the snow / clouds. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scene