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and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
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Sunday, February 16

See Feel Create

Photography is an art form
it has a voice
it inspires us
to pause
  to interpret the world
in our own light 


Rick Forrestal said...

Gorgeous scene.

Mersad said...

What kind of post did you do on this Laura, if I may ask? Looks very good.

Dan said...

You took what I believe is a striking photo and made it extraordinary! Bravo!!!

A Garden of Threads said...

It does and I love creating through my photos. Beautiful image.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments!
Mersad.. I guess I should pay more attention to my post processing workflow.. I just experiment until I've got something I like. But the major helping hand was PSE's motion blur. It's a wonderful tool.. if used in moderation.

What Karen Sees said...

I love this photo, and love the thought, and I so agree!! A photo is often an interpretation of the world as the artist sees it or wishes it to be, achieved both in the camera and with post processing. One problem we artists, (photographers), who believe this run into, is that our main 'tool' of choice (camera) is also used by those who must capture the reality of a scene or subject with supposedly no personal interpretation whatsoever, like a photojournalist or scientist. There seems to always be conflict between these two groups as to the purpose of the photographic process. Sigh! My post today is on this very subject.

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, this is lovely in the scenery and colors. Almost painterly.

Linda W. said...

I love the softness of this photo. The trees almost look ghostly. Nice effects.

Mersad said...

Thanks for the explanation, i like the motion blur tool too!