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Thursday, June 11

Must Be Aliens

Left flank

Right flank
 (arrow is at top left)
Overview of Crater

We were up at Johnston Ridge today
the closest viewpoint to Mt St Helens
It was a beautiful day to capture the mountain
and its crater
At home I viewed my images and found
a few oddities...
There is a perfectly shaped arrow and two squares
on the upper flank of the crater
Snow usually covers this area
They can't be man made
as its rugged terrain makes this region impossible to reach 
Aliens...  Perhaps
I love a good mystery


Rick Forrestal said...

Beautiful mountain scenes.
And I do see the arrow . . . Hmmm, most mysterious.

ADRIAN said...

The arrow is pointing the way out.

Linda W. said...

Love your close-ups of MSH's crater. Sad to see how little snow there is up there already. Were the flowers blooming?

Dirk Rosin said...

beautiful view !!!

What Karen Sees said...

Boy this is rugged terrain. Still looks like winter here. You've captured great detail.

Stephanie said...

I appreciate these great photos! Stunning!

Liz said...


Grandma C said...

Wow breath taking shots!

orvokki said...

Wauu.. what a stunning mountains.
Great fotos, love a lot.
(PS. I didn't find any narrow there... I tryed hard :)

Rick said...

Someone was tracking the aliens and left a sign - "They went thatta way !"