I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, June 21

Dainty Daisies

Reaching so high
to touch the sky


Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I love the very dark blue background against the white Daisies

Linda W. said...

Love all the daises blooming in the woods right now.

Dirk Rosin said...

I love the blue background :-)

Kaya said...

Ohhh, that is an incredibly beautiful photograph! Contrast is speaking the words!!! Daisies are marvelous! Laura, this image arises so many emotions! It's unique!

orvokki said...

What a contrast, blue and white. I love a lot.