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and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
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Saturday, September 28

Calm Before the Storm

A nasty storm is headed
for the Pacific Northwest
bringing heavy rains and strong winds
Trees will tumble
hillsides will slide
rivers will rise
Oh joy...


Mel said...

Sometimes you can 'feel' it before it happens--and sometimes the weather channel says it. LOL This one is a lovely picture (almost painting-like). And yep--you can feel the pending 'something'...
Stay safe!

Mersad said...

Well if the storm comes, I do hope you'll snap a few pictures of that too!

Mersad Donko Photography

Linda W. said...

Stay warm and dry today!

Stephanie said...

We got a bit of wind and lots of rain here on the island today, supposed to get bad again tomorrow night. Nice shot!

Dan said...

Stay safe and dry.

The pic is very calming. ;-)

Rick said...

Storm coming = photo op. But this calm before the storm is lovely.

Red Rose Alley said...

This is such a pretty picture, and I always welcome the rain, as it is much needed for our nature.