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Saturday, July 30

Pretty Little Oddity

Found this odd little plant at an abandoned nursery.
It looks like a fuzzy orange spider, with claws, on a stick. 
Needless to say I've never seen anything like it.
Do you know what it is or might be?


Unknown said...

That is really odd but I like it. The orange part are like velvet, so beautiful.

Nadege, said...

What an amazing find. Oddly pretty.

Joop Zand said...

Bijzonder fraaie opname.....goed gedaan Laura.

groetjes, Joop

TexWisGirl said...

that is really cool! like little furry pipecleaners!

Unknown said...

It is beautiful.
Also seeing it for first time.
have a great weekend Laura.

Lisa said...

Laura this is just gorgeous,Im in love with this one.
Have a nice day. :)

Kaya said...

It is so velvety and a little bit strange but very beautiful.

I want to touch it. I am sure it's smooth to the touch. And I have never seen this plant before.

Wonderful picture of a very rare plant.

Laura, have a nice weekend and creative!!!!!

Ms. Becky said...

oh wow, I've never seen this plant before. it's very unusual but I like it. not real showy but fuzzy. hmmmmm.

Noke said...

Tolles Bild seltsame Pflanze.


Lisa Gordon said...

I am sure I have never seen a flower quite like this Laura. It is so unusual, and so beautiful!

Kathy said...

My first thought was it looks like pipe cleaners and now I see TexWis had the same thought!

Mel said...

Wow......now that's a perfect Halloween flower!

I'd dig one up--it's abandoned, right? Or catch some seeds to see zackly what he's made of come spring!

Oh, he's a cute little fuzzy spider plant thingy. (k.....I have a sister who's an ornimental horticulturist--but I'm NOT.....obviously...LOL)