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Friday, May 3

Away From the Things of Man

Seaquest State Park
My Random Five for Friday
1) My happy place is deep in the forest
away from the things of man
which is where I was today
2) Of course always with my trusty Canon 7d
3) I usually go to the state park or the wetlands
both just a few miles from home
Today I wandered the state park.. had it all to myself
4) I always carry water.. and pepper spray
in case I meet up with a bear
5) I've yet to encounter Sasquatch
though I've heard many a local tale
I think it'd be neat to see Big Foot
roaming the hills and dale
Happy Friday!
Sharing with Nancy's Random 5 Friday


Mel said...

Oh, how wonderful that you got to your happy spot! Most days mine is that little patio with its swing.
NOTsomuch when there's snow on it.
Lovely, inviting shot--makes me wanna get lost in it.....'cept I apparently need pepper spray!

Lynn said...

beautiful photo and I'd like to see Bigfoot or Mr Sasquatch too

Snap said...

Everyone should have a happy spot. So glad you have yours and visit it often. Lovely spot! Happy Friday!

Stephanie said...

I love being in the forest, too.

Mary said...

Bigfoot! I'd love to see him too!

I love your photograph. Such lush green beauty!

Unknown said...

Usually the best places are those where others are not!

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I enjoy being in the forest, too, where I can't hear any manmade sounds (like traffic noise).

I hope you have your camera with you if you see Big Foot so you can get a good photo! :-)

Veronica Roth said...

Hey, I was in a forest today too. Didn't want to hike out at all though! I'd love to see bigfoot! Wouldn't you? :) Maybe this weekend?